Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Narayana 5.6.0.Final released

The team are pleased to announce our latest release of Narayana - the premier open source transaction manager. As normal, the release may be downloaded from our website over here:

The release notes for this version may be found over here:

This release brings with it a collection of improvements including the latest patches and feature work to improve our integration into Tomcat. The best way to get started with that is to take a look at our new quickstarts:

We also added an interesting Software Transactional Memory and vert.x example over here:

We have also managed to get CORBA JTS interop propagation working with Glassfish. You can read more about that in However validating recovery completes correctly is still in progress so stay tuned for further details in the coming releases...

Monday, May 22, 2017

Transactions and Microservices on the rise!

Our team spoke about how transactions and microservices can be used together over 3 years ago. Since then there have been a few people continuing to suggest there's no role for transactions. However, we're also starting to see more people talking about the same things such as at DevoxxUK and elsewhere. That's great! We'll keep pushing Narayana in this space and if you're interested then get involved with us too!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Narayana release and Spring Boot quickstart

Last week we released Narayana 5.5.1.Final which is important if you’d like to use Narayana with Spring Boot. More specifically the new release contains a bug fix which resolves issues when making multiple database calls in a same transaction.

Subsequent to this release, we’ve added a new Narayana Spring Boot quickstart to our repository. It is a very much simplified stock market application where users can buy and sell shares. Every transaction executes a couple of database updates and sends a few notifications to a message queue. I’m not going to go through the code in this quickstart in depth, because most of it is pretty straightforward. However, there are a few bits which needs an explanation.

Making sure we are using Narayana

To begin with let’s go through the setup. Most of the necessary dependencies can be added by Spring Initializr:

Notice how “Narayana (JTA)” has been added to the “Selected Dependencies”.

Making sure we are using the right version of Narayana

Now, we need to make sure we’re running the latest version of Narayana. There are a number of options to do that as explained in a post on a Spring blog. But in this case, overriding version property is the easiest option:
You can see this in the applications pom over here.

Observing the transaction demarcation

In this application, both buying and selling operations are transactional. Buy method looks like this:

And sell method looks like this:

Note on Artemis

Artemis broker is not available on Spring Initializr and to make our application self contained we would like to use an embedded broker. To do this we add the following dependency into the applications pom:
Everything else is quite self explanatory. Go ahead and try it out over here.
If you have comments or feedback please do contact us over on our forum.